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More than twenty years ago, the first Jurassic Park movie was released. Audiences flocked to cinemas to watch what Spielberg had crafted for them, and none of them could have expected what they were about to see. Jurassic Park was a creative thrill ride from start to finish. There was no way to be prepared for what audiences were about to see. Spielberg's masterful directing, a clever script and some brilliant acting launched an entire franchise that is still a crowd-pleaser today. If you watched all the Jurassic Park movies more than once, then this is the naming guide for you. 

Jurassic Park Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Jurassic Park Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Jurassic Park is one of those movies that make you feel nostalgic, no matter how old you are. All of us can remember the first time we watched that movie, and chances are it was the first movie to give you nightmares. And you loved it. All of us loved the movie, but none of us ever wanted to visit the Park. Although, we might have a few theories on how we would have handled the situation if we were trapped between a rock and a dinosaur. The franchise had so much potential, that before the author could release the novel, he already had a movie deal. Consider the look of the park and apply this to your dog's looks. Are they large or small? Dark or light in color?

Writing a book is hard. Writing a sensational book is even harder, but writing a book so good that people want to watch it before it is even released, is nearly impossible. But thankfully, that is what happened. This story was so intriguing and had such massive potential, that movie studios were clamoring for it before was allowed to go to print. The result was overwhelming. Jurassic Park was one of the movies that saved Warner Bros from bankruptcy. In honor of the fantastic franchise, we have chosen names from all the movies and novels. Consider these amazing characters and think of your favorites as you peruse our naming list.

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