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If you’re a die-hard Gilmore Girls fan then you might consider naming your new canine best friend after one of the show’s many quirky characters. Just as Lorelai and Rory share an unbreakable mother-daughter bond, so too, will you and your pup! There’s no better way to honor your love for the people of Stars Hollow than by naming your pet for them. As an added bonus, you’ll no longer have to feel guilty for spending Friday night binge-watching the show; it’s practically obligatory!

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There is no shortage of featured and supporting characters on the Gilmore Girls that you may wish to name your pet after. If there’s one thing to be said about the inhabitants of Stars Hollow it’s that they have plenty of character. You might even have trouble narrowing down which one of them to name your pup after! If your dog is goofy and long limbed you might consider the name Kirk, or, if it is handsome and athletic you could choose the name Dean! If your pup has a particularly feisty personality, the name Paris would be the perfect option!

If naming your pup after one of the show’s characters doesn’t appeal to you, could opt to name it after one of Lorelai and Rory’s favorite foods! There are quite a few to choose from. A classic family dog breed like a Labrador or a Golden Retriever could be well suited to the name Pancake, a classic American breakfast food (and favorite of the girls’), while any pup with a sweet temper could be called Muffin, a frequent snack choice from Luke’s Diner.

And don’t forget to take into account one of Stars Hollows’ many landmarks or festivals, like the Firelight Festival, or the town gazebo. These events and locations are packed with history for the show’s characters. You could commemorate your favorite scene from the show by naming your pup after the place where it transpired! There are countless Gilmore Girls related names to choose from, but here are a few suggestions to get you started.

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Dory's name story for Gilmore Girls Dog Names
Rat Terrier
Largo, FL

We got her when finding dory came out and we had a pillow with dory on it and she loved it so we named her after it.

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