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Adopting a dog or making plans to adopt a new puppy or dog into your family comes with a lot of responsibility.  Most people try to project the health and activity needs of their new friend when making their selection.  Going big or staying small, looking for a rescue or a breed specific dog are also many considerations dog owners make.  However, one of the often overlooked responsibilities is giving your dog his or her new name.  Choosing the right name can be tricky, and some dog owners want to go with a softer sounding name that will not alarm their dog when spoken.  Names that start with "Ha" are perfect for this purpose because the sound "Ha" makes is considering voiceless, meaning that when it is spoken, only the larynx or voice box is engaged.  The tongue and the mouth do not come into play when initiating a "Ha" sound.  Speak the names Harry or Happy, putting emphasis on the "Ha" by drawing the sound out, and you will notice the whispering sound coming from your voice box only.

Dog Names that Start with 'Ha' in Pop Culture

Dog Names that Start with 'Ha' Considerations

Dog owners can get pretty creative with names, and the dog names that start with "Ha" are no exception. Dog owners can go with traditional names, such as Harrison or Harriet, or they can go with fun descriptive names, such as Hairball or Hazel.  When choosing the right "Ha" name for your dog, consider your new friend's breed, size, and personality.  Names such as Havana and Haggis can have greater meaning to the Havanese and the Scottish Terrier breeds, respectively.  Descriptive names like Happy and Halfpint are excellent monikers for joyful and small dogs.  Fun names, such as Hamburger might be on the top of your list if your puppy or dog gave you the "puppy eyes" at your last BBQ while you flipped the hamburgers on the grill.  You may also want to consider the circumstances by which your new friend came into your life.  Not all adopted dogs are chosen specifically by their new families because sometimes, adopted dogs choose their families instead.  Consider how your dog came into your life.  For example, perhaps some weather event like the wild dust storms of the Phoenix, Arizona basin brought you a new buddy.  A dusty little tyke caught in the storm could bare the name Haboob, after the name of the dust storms.
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