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The Wild West conjures up images of unruly cowboys, feisty cowgirls, wild and free Indians and the wild untamed land that spawned a multitude of incredible tales. From battles with the Indian people, to just surviving the unfriendly and wild land, the old Wild West has an amazing history of drama, bravery and heroic tales. What could be more perfect than that, to offer inspiration for a name for your new canine? A reserved athletic type of dog would suit the name Apache perfectly. Or perhaps a female dog could be called Annie after Annie Oakley, Pocahontas after a beautiful Indian maiden, or even Calamity after Calamity Jane. There are so many heroes and heroines to choose from, not to mention the names of rivers, canyons and even the wild animals like the bear, bison and the moose to make choosing a name for your dog. Consider the size, color and the temperament of your new dog and match it to a Wild Wild West character for an original and meaningful name.

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Wild Wild West Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Choosing a name for your dog is never easy. Either there is too much choice or not enough! Not only that, but you have to consider how the name you choose for a puppy will suit them when they are matured. You need to choose a name that grows with your pup. The Wild West was a time of legends, of heroes and of villains. Rough and tough cowboys and cowgirls, and beautiful cultured ladies who must have found the west a shock to their systems. Some of the names from the Wild West can be used for your dog. Apache is a name that conjures up a true warrior at home in the west and would suit a strong, confident dog. Belle Starr sounds very feminine for a female dog, but she was one feisty outlaw lady! Buffalo, Bison or Wolf are names that can become a unique name for your dog. Or perhaps just Trapper, Hunter or Lady will suffice. We have provided a great list of names suitable for your dog, all honoring those characters and places of the Wild West that are now a part of history.
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