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Human beings are naturally caring. Caring about other individuals or animals gives life meaning and is extremely therapeutic. It helps alleviate loneliness and has been shown to even extend life. Elderly individuals or those living alone benefit greatly from having a four-legged companion. However, there is another side to caring when it comes to a relationship between a dog and his master and that is that the dog cares too. Dogs are loyal and loving. They genuinely care about their beloved humans. With so much caring in a relationship it is only natural to want to name your beloved pooch a caring focused name.

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Dog Names Meaning Caring Considerations

Dogs have emotions and they care about humans and other animals. Many dogs have even been shown to grieve. Take into consideration the story of Greyfriars Bobby. Bobby was a small Skye Terrier who was deeply bonded with his owner. When the terrier’s master passed away of tuberculosis, the small dog lead the funeral procession to the cemetery. Once there, the dog refused to leave. He would lay beside the man’s grave day in and day out. Even when it rained and was cold the small dog could be found lying there beside the headstone. He became a local celebrity because of his devoted caring nature and his overpowering loyalty to his beloved master. The dog never stopped caring about his owner. For 14 long years, he could be found beside the gravesite until his own death. His small body was also buried in the cemetery he had frequented for over a decade. He was laid to rest beside the master he loyally cared about.

Such deep and heartfelt loyalty and caring are what draws humans to dogs. Canines have been shown to stand beside their owners through thick and thin. They never stop caring. Such a loving nature is what makes them ideal as therapy dogs. They bring a bit of genuine, heartfelt care to nursing home patients, seniors, handicapped individuals, and those in hospitals. Their four legged presence is always appreciated and admired.

As you consider the name for your new pet, think about the traits of strength, resilience, love and loyalty that dogs possess. They can teach the human race about caring for others. We should honor our pets with a name that displays their amazing character.

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