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Although fairy tales are officially known as magical and wondrous stories for children, there's no rule that says adults can't enjoy them just as much. As fairy tale adventures have slowly made their way from within the pages of books and onto the big screen, they have become more and more approachable for people of all ages. In fact, creators such as Disney have even taken the original fairy tales (such as Grimm's Fairy Tales) and turned them into stories that are actually happy and full of good morals. The original tales, surprisingly, weren't always child friendly. So it's a good thing that writers have taken the time to adapt them and make a few very important tweaks! A couple examples of this would be, the tales of The Little Mermaid and Cinderella where our beloved fairy tales didn't quite follow the endings we know today. The little mermaid's prince ended up marrying someone else and she became a daughter of the air. And in Cinderella, even though she got the prince, her step-sisters were severely maimed in their attempt to fit into the glass slipper!  So in the end, it's a good thing that writers have taken the time to adapt these stories and make a few very important (and altogether much happier) tweaks!

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Fairy Tale Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Due to the wide range of fairy tales that we have at our disposal, there are tons of great names that can fit pretty much any type of dog imaginable. If you are someone that absolutely loves the Disney movies or the old classic fairy tale books, then you are definitely going to enjoy searching for that perfect fairy tale themed name. Perhaps you have found your prince charming in that fluffy little puppy and have decided that a princely name will be perfect for him; fairy tales have got you covered there! Additionally, there is no shortage of princess names in fairy tales. So, if you have a dog that is truly regal, or downright stubborn (like Merida and Mulan), then you are bound to find the perfect name in this list.

While there are lots of human names to choose from, there are also many animals that are found in fairy tale stories. For instance, if you have a Dalmatian, the names Pongo or Perdita may be the perfect fit for your pet (especially if you love the fairy tale 101 Dalmatians). Although this particular tale does not have any magic involved in the plot, overall it still fits into the fairy tale category as 101 Dalmatians is a children's story that includes "magical and imaginary beings and lands". 

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