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The Croatian Sheepdog or Croatian Shepherd Dog is an ancient and rare type of herding dog that originated in the 13th century. Bred as a herding dog, this black doggo with the curly coat is similar to a Spitz and Shepherd with a medium build and curled tail. They have brown eyes, a black nose, and triangular ears. The American Kennel Club describes them as intelligent, alert, active, and loyal and they most certainly fit that description with some cuddliness and fun added to the mix. Whether you are looking for a pooch to guide your herd or a loyal family pet, the Croatian Sheepdog is a terrific choice.

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Croatian Sheepdog Dog Name Considerations

Croatia is a country between Southeast and Central Europe right on the Adriatic Sea. Its neighbors include Montenegro, Bosnia, Serbia, Hungary, and Slovenia. The language there is primarily Croatian, and the writing system is Latin. From the mountains of the Dinaric Alps to the shore of the Adriatic Sea, there are over 1,000 islets and islands with 48 of them being inhabited. The country also boasts more than 50 deep caves, beautiful lakes with 16 waterfalls, and deep green and aqua forests. This land is where the Croatian Sheepdog was developed and is still being perfected today. 

Although the Croatian Sheepdog has been around for hundreds of years, it was not until 1935 that a breeding program was inducted by dog lover and professor, Dr. Stjepan Romic. The professor produced the breed standard of a medium-sized pooch with a wavy black coat, dark eyes, and a fox-like face similar in appearance to a Spitz. Naming your Croatian Sheepdog should not be too difficult because there are many choices such as naming them for their black coat or choosing a Croatian name such as Filip or Jak. You could also pick a moniker for your canine kid that refers to their ability to herd such as Pan for the Greek god of the flocks or Bubona who was the Roman goddess that protected cattle. 

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