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A total of two hundred and seventy-five episodes of the comedy show Cheers were broadcast in the nearly eleven years that it was on the air. The show took place almost entirely in a Boston bar called Cheers, owned by an ex-baseball star by the name of Sam Malone. Sam not only owns the bar but also works as a bartender alongside his old coach, Ernie Pantusso. Sam and Ernie are joined by cocktail waitresses Diane, a prim and proper academic, and Carla, a cynical and loud-mouthed firecracker of a woman, as well as a host of regular barflies. It earned a record number of Primetime Emmy nominations, one hundred and eleven, and it won twenty-eight of those awards.

Cheers Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Cheers Inspired Dog Name Considerations

There are many different ways in which to choose a name for a new canine companion. Many people select a name based on someone they admire, either human or canine, while others choose a name based on a specific meaning. Other options include choosing a name based on the breed of the particular canine or their place of origin; or selecting a name based on a favorite movie, book, or television show. The popular 80s and 90s sitcom Cheers has a number of characters that can provide a source of inspiration when naming your new furry family member. If your dog that tends to speak its mind, whether anyone appreciates it or not, names like Cliff or Carla may suit them well. For a friendly or personable dog that is also just a little addlepated, Coach, Kelly, or Woody may be more appropriate, and for a clever dog that is constantly getting into mischief, you may find a name like Harry or Rebecca to be fitting. She wasn't featured very often, but there was even a dog on the show that you can name your pooch after, although you have to choose from the name Frasier gave her, which was Pavlov, or from the new moniker she got after becoming Sam's new companion, Diane.
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