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It is an exciting time when a new dog or little puppy joins the family household. The first glance into their loving eyes is usually enough to seal the deal, and I am sure that is why dogs have such expressive eyes. But as you enjoy introducing your new pal to your home, the realisation that you need a name that is special and is fitting for this dog suddenly is brought home to you. Perhaps the name you originally thought of before you got the dog now seems inadequate? However, help is on hand as this list will help you choose an original and tailored name. Inspired by amazing Police Dogs, here are some names that are both gallant yet original. By choosing a name that is less common, when you call out for your dog you won't have a dozen other dogs heed the call as well.

Police Dog Names in Pop Culture

Police Dog Name Considerations

Personality certainly comes into the mix when you are choosing a name for your dog. Some names just don't suit certain types of dogs. An active lively dog deserves a name that takes its energy into account, such as Rocket, or Mayhem. A dog with a gentle, quiet nature deserves a name like Raven (perfect for a black dog), or even Lady. Names can be taken from your dog's habits, such as Fang for a dog who likes to bite (gently I hope), or Badger for a dog who will not give up! A regal dog may fit a Police Dog name well, as will a distinguished canine or one who is alert to every command. 

Single or double syllable names are easy to say whereas longer names can become a mouthful. For a young active dog, you need to be able to say their name quickly before they disappear! Keep in mind that you will be calling your dog's name out in public, or saying it at your veterinarian's office, so choose wisely. A respectable name that honors the brave and courageous dogs of Police Forces world over is a wonderful choice.

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Community Dogs with Police Dog Names

Cooper's name story for Police Dog Names
Labrador Retriever
Franklin, IL

Common name for male labs and he was 10 months old when we got him and already had that name.

Jax's name story for Police Dog Names
Labrador Retriever
Modesto, CA

My family rescued Jax in 2010. He was about four or five years old when we got him. We just had to put him down yesterday. We chose Jax because my father is a police officer and is friends with many K-9 officers.

Buddy's name story for Police Dog Names
German Shepherd
Corona, CA


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