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Native to the Netherlands, the Dutch Shepherd is a herding dog that was used mainly for farming purposes. The breed bears a resemblance to other Shepherd-type of dogs such as Belgian and German Shepherds because they all share a close ancestry, making them “cousin” breeds. A jack of all trades, the Dutch Shepherd is not only known for being a farm dog, they are also used for other purposes such as service animals, police dogs and house companions. Nowadays, Dutch Shepherds are enjoying a resurgence in popularity in their home country and have become a top choice for a home pet. 

Dutch Shepherd Dog Names in Pop Culture

Dutch Shepherd Dog Name Considerations

When getting a new dog, you are automatically taking on the task of choosing a name. There are many considerations to be made before settling on a final decision. Firstly, the length of the name should be taken into account. It is common knowledge among dog lovers that short names, particularly no more than two or three syllables, are ideal for dogs. This is because they can only recall the first few syllables of any word. If you end up choosing a long name, make sure that you can come up with a shortened version of this name, which will make things easier when you need to call out or command your dog.

Another possible consideration is the dog’s country of origin. In this case, the Dutch Shepherd originated from the Netherlands. Hence, it is only fitting that owners of the breed give their dog a popular Dutch name or anything related to Holland’s rich culture.

You may also use the dog’s many attributes as inspiration for a name. The Dutch Shepherd is a muscular, medium-sized dog that comes in a brindle coat. As for the personality and temperament, the Dutch Shepherd is strong, lively, alert and independent. Moreover, the breed is known for their loyalty and willingness to work with their owners. Any of these qualities can be used as basis for a name.

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