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The Harrier is a medium sized hound that resembles a Beagle. They are more powerful and larger that the Beagle but have the same distinctive voice. The Harrier is a fun loving, smart breed that does well in a home with multiple dogs. They are used to working in packs and are not generally dog aggressive. The Harrier is athletic and can run for long periods of time over rough terrain. They do require a fenced yard to keep them contained when you cannot be with them. There are not many Harriers in the United States, therefore finding a breeder might be a bit difficult. 

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Harrier Dog Name Considerations

Be prepared to have people ask what type of dog is your new puppy when you decide to add a Harrier to your family. These dogs definitely look hound and have similarities with their Beagle cousins, but most people will not know the breed. However, bringing home a Harrier will be a fun and happy time for your family and the next step will, of course, be to find just the right name for this fun-loving dog. The Harrier developed in England and it seems only natural to search for names with British ties. However, do not feel that you have to stick with a stuffy name; there are several names out there that are just as happy and fun as your new Harrier. 

Make sure the name is easy to say and does not closely resemble a common command word that will be used in their training. Also, take into consideration other dogs that regularly visit your local dog park or live close by. You do not want to chose the same name and have confusion when out walking or playing at the dog park. Take some time getting to know your new Harrier before you decide on their name. Many times it is their personality that will help you find just the right moniker for them!

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