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The Newfoundland dog is a rare breed that was first raised in the country of Canada. Playfully called a “Newfie”, they were initially bred to be used as working dogs for fishermen in the former Dominion of Newfoundland (now a province of Canada), thus their name. What makes the Newfie stand out is its webbed feet, gigantic size, incredible strength, swimming skills and a high level of intelligence. In fact, it is considered one of the smartest dog breeds in the entire world. Even though it might seem like a menacing pet to have, the Newfoundland is actually a loyal dog and an exceptional guardian for families, especially children. They also love to the outdoors and going on hiking trips. These qualities are what makes the Newfoundland dog the ideal companion.

Newfoundland Dog Names in Pop Culture

Newfoundland Dog Name Considerations

The Newfoundland is an exceptional dog breed. Hence, it deserves a name that is as striking and memorable as it is. There are loads of possible dog names for your new mutt; you simply have to make a few considerations before finally settling on one.

One of the simplest ways to choose a name for your Newfoundland dog is to assess its physical traits. When you lay eyes on a Newfie, the first thing that you will notice is its exceptional size. Therefore, it would be fitting to choose a name that emphasizes this. A good example is the name “Goliath”, a Biblical figure known for being gigantic. Other physical aspects of a Newfie that you may consider are its enormous strength or coat color. Another unique trait of the Newfoundland dog is its impressive swimming skills. The name “Poseidon” or any other name related to water will then be a good match for this breed. You may also forego the physical and focus on your pup’s behavior instead. Does he have any odd habits? Is he friendly and outgoing or shy and reserved? These can all be considered when choosing a name.

Lastly, you can also use its country of origin as inspiration for a name. Newfoundland dogs are originally bred in Canada. Thus, a well-known Canadian term, name or place will all go well with your Newfie.

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Community Dogs With a Newfoundland Name

Bea's name story for Newfoundland Dog Names
Suffolk, VA

Well I had a toy called Beatrice when I was young and loved the name Bea.

Sasquatch's name story for Newfoundland Dog Names
Harrisburg, PA

He is such a big dog with a big sweet personality. I just thought it was a great name for a big dog and one that was not all that common, at least not in my area!

Sulliven's name story for Newfoundland Dog Names
New York, NY

I love sully so much. He's so playful

Loki's name story for Newfoundland Dog Names
English Mastiff
Pasco, WA

We rescued him and he already had a name

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