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If pets held a contest and voted on where to live, Houston would have to be in the top choices. It's rich with dog parks (twenty of them, some with swimming pools and agility courses), dog friendly pubs, restaurants, and bakeries. Owning a dog in Houston, though, comes with some responsibilities, like caring for the dog. You'll find it easy to do with Houston's great weather, beautiful places to walk your dog, and abundant pet services like grooming, spas, and doggie boutiques. If you live in Houston and plan on adopting a dog, enjoy the benefits of a dog friendly city.

Houston Dog Names in Pop Culture

Houston Dog Name Considerations

There is an abundance of ideas to consider when thinking of a name for your new dog. Whether you're a lifelong Houston resident or adopted the city, you may want to consider giving your dog a name that fits the environment or honors the city. And to complicate matters, there are almost as many types of dogs in Houston as there are names to choose from. How do you pick just one?

You can, of course, consider human names, or how about names for the climate in Houston? Texan names are always a good choice for Houston dogs, too. And Houston loves music so there are inspirations to be found there as well.

You may want to give it a few days before you officially name your dog. That way you can get to know him and try out a couple of names. Watch for your dog's reaction to the names. He just might help you decide which title is right for him. Names that begin with a hard consonant like "b" or "p" or others that start with a sharp sound may help your dog recognize it. Avoid names that rhyme with common commands or other family member names to prevent confusion. Most of all, pick a name you like and that is easy to say. You'll be using it frequently, so pick one that makes you happy.

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Community Dogs With Houston Names

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