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The Bracco Italiano, or Italian Pointing Dog, is a docile, intelligent dog with a typical hound look. They are easy to train and do well in a family setting as long as they are given a task to complete. The Bracco Italiano is adaptable to all types of hunting. The Bracco Italiano is not a popular breed in North America, but they are beginning to gain popularity with their acceptance into the American Kennel Club’s Foundation Stock Service. Deciding to add a Bracco Italiano to your family should not be a light decision, they do require a significant amount of daily exercise and human interaction. 

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Bracco Italiano Dog Name Considerations

The Bracco Italiano is a special breed that is still rare in North America. Chances are you will have only seen photos of these dogs and have not had an up-close-and-personal encounter with them. Be sure you research the breed thoroughly and are informed about any health problems and available genetic health testing that should be done before dogs are bred. Even though the Bracco Italiano is generally a laid-back breed, they are still a hunting breed and will require daily exercise, human interaction and a specific task to complete. A bored Bracco Italiano can become a nuisance and problematic for the family. Once you have determined that the Bracco Italiano is the dog for you, search out breeders to find the right puppy for your home. After finding your puppy, it is time to come up with just the right name for your new bundle of joy! Being from Italy, names such as Luigi, Leonardo, Giovanni, Dolce, or Versace might just be the right fit. Names such as Biscotti, Gelato, Ziti, or Tiramisu would also be great if you are a lover of Italian cuisine. However, this is a masculine hunting breed with a typical hound dog appearance, so more traditional hound names would also be a good fit. 

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