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Blizzard Entertainment’s Team-based Hero Shooter hit the world by storm in 2016, having since become a global gaming phenomenon and garnering passionate fans from all the world over. While many games rely on technical aspects to attract players, Overwatch’s diverse and memorable cast is one of the biggest contributors to the game’s widespread success. The likes of Tracer, McCree, Reaper, and Widowmaker have made big impressions on the gaming community at large, and these interesting and lovable characters all provide dog owning gamers with plenty of referential names to give to their pets.

Overwatch Dog Names In Pop Culture

Overwatch Dog Name Considerations

The degree to which Overwatch’s international, inter-species cast of unforgettable characters have helped contribute to the game’s success really can’t be understated. The popularity of Overwatch’s characters has become so pervasive that, despite the game having only been around for about a year and some change, characters from it are already making cameo appearances in shows and big budget blockbusters like Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One among other icons of the gaming culture. Both the play styles and the personalities of Overwatch’s characters have contributed to them being almost universally loved (or hated, in the case of Mei) by many members of the gaming community at large. Said reasons also make for great rationale to name your dog after your favorite character; are you a Zenyatta main who can’t get enough of the transcendental Omnic’s pithy quotables? Consider naming your dog after the damage dealing healer in his honor. Maybe you like to hold the line as Reinhardt, the knight in futuristic honor. You could always name your dog after this veteran Overwatch member, or one of his moves, to pay homage to your favorite tank. The content in the game, along with the slew of community created and extended universe content, will provide Overwatch players with many possibilities to give their pet a heroic name.
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Community Dogs With Overwatch Names

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