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So, you have a new puppy!  He's so adorable and loving, but you can't keep calling him "dog" or "boy" or "the pup"...a name will need to determined in the not-too-distant future.  While this task can certainly stir up a great deal of stress, just remember that he is your dog, your precious pup and he deserves a similar amount of consideration and thought to be given to selecting the appropriate moniker, just as you would give for naming that new baby in the family.  While there are many possible avenues to travel, why not choose a name based on something you may enjoy ... like music ... specifically, electronic music!

Electronic Music Dog Names in Pop Culture

Electronic Music Dog Name Considerations

Yes, I can imagine that your mind is spinning like a top as you consider delving into the task of naming your new pup.  Sure, you can tack any name on him but you'd like his name to be different, perhaps even convey a message or evoke a pleasant experience or memory.  Many people opt for using things like the color of  his coat, the breed (or nicknames for the breed), his gender or even his yappy barking tendency or super-hyper activity levels.  We'd like to open the door for another area of consideration - electronic music dog names.  If you're a music lover, it is likely that you don't just like one type of music but, rather, gain some enjoyment from many genres of music, such as pop, rock, classical, country, or easy listening.  So, why not check out something that is fairly new on the musical scene and look into the hundreds of types of electronic music which have evolved since the 1960's when digital synthesizers began creating new and unusual sounds.  This is an area in which your kids will likely love to help and may be able to provide some interesting input as you grope your way through the many, many electronic music types, and, we'd like to point out, it is a list which keeps growing!
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Community Dogs with Electronic Music Dog Names

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