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Some dogs, such as the Saluki, Whippet, Greyhound, and Papillon have an elegant and dainty appearance. Such svelte canines appeal to many people. If you own a such a dog then why not pick a name that denotes the canine's unique presence? You can choose a handle that means dainty or maybe pick a celebrity pooch or person who is known for their smaller than average appearance. No matter what name you bestow on your pooch, people are sure to talk about its exciting meaning.

Dog Names Meaning Dainty in Pop Culture

Dog Name Meaning Dainty Considerations

 If you are partial to dainty pooches then why not think about a name that is soft and sweet for your diminutive canine companion? Interestingly, some dogs are not only small in appearance, but they also have a very fastidious personality. It is not uncommon for such dogs to not want to set a paw outdoors in a rainstorm, never step in a mud puddle, and avoid other 'dirty' adventures such as rolling in the grass. Such dogs just naturally have a haughty and dainty personality.

For a male pooch with an upscale personality, the moniker Atticus after the main character in, "To Kill a Mockingbird," or Felix from the Odd Couple would suit. Another name for a small male is Willie after the famous horse jockey Willie Shoemaker who stood only 4 foot 11 inches. For a female, why not go with the unusual name Lyra which means "small harp" in Latin? The name, Lotus, is another option. Lotus is the Greek name for a tiny flower which is an ideal choice for a very dainty girl dog.  The name Ava refers to being small and delicate as a bird. Undoubtedly, you will probably find the perfect name for your pooch with a bit of imagination. 

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