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For those people looking for a dog that will definitely get them noticed at the dog park, the Bergamasco is the dog for them. The Bergamasco is distinguished by their unruly looking corded coat. They are a large shepherding breed that is not well-known in the United States, but due to recently being recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC), there has been an increased interest in the breed. The Bergamasco is not the right breed for everyone; they are a highly intelligent breed that can easily think for themselves. They must have a strong leader within the home. The Bergamasco will try to become the leader of the house if there is no set leader in place when they come into the home. 

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Bergamasco Dog Name Considerations

The Bergamasco is an ancient breed that many believe originated in the region of Persia; however, over hundreds of years they migrated into Italy and became very popular among Italian farmers. This breed is a sheepdog and does well herding other animals and people. They are an independent thinker and can get into trouble when they try to take control of a situation. You may find a little difficulty finding a new Bergamasco puppy as there are only a handful of Bergamasco breeders in the United States. Since the Bergamasco has become so popular in Italy, many people have decided to look for names with a distinctive Italian flair. For example, the spotlight dog, Faggia, has a name that is similar to Foggia which is a city in southern Italy. There are names that are steeped in Italian traditions that would be excellent for your new Bergamasco puppy, such as Zitto, Primo, or Vita. A new boy puppy could be called Bambino, meaning baby boy in Italian. Tito may also be a good choice since it means large in size. If you are a lover of Italian foods or treats, you may consider giving your new Bergamasco a name that reminds you of decadent foods or treats such as Dolce, Gelato, Espresso, or Biscotti. 

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