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For fans of classic American literature, it doesn’t get much better than Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick. Outside of being a story for the ages, the clever and unique personalities of its characters on the ship, let alone the ones they encounter, provide a significant roster of potential dog names to choose from, many of which will be instantly recognizable to others, as pop culture has entrenched them into our collective psyche. Epic names like Moby-Dick, Ahab, Ishmael and Queequeg are only the beginning of the list of possibilities, leaving plenty more from which to derive a perfect Moby-Dick themed name for your canine companion. 

Moby-Dick Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Moby-Dick Inspired Dog Name Considerations

When considering which Moby-Dick themed name to give your dog, make a list of your dog’s strongest or most prominent traits, whether it’s their looks, quirks or personality, as these will be the easiest and most appropriate to work from. 

For instance, if they are a large white dog, Moby Dick or Whale would both be great choices. For those who have ties to the East Coast, either by owner or origin, the names Bedford, Nantucket and Tolland, amongst others, would all be good choices. For dogs that are particularly stinky, the name Ambergris would be an excellent pick. For a dog that is quite picky about their food, Fleece would be a great name after the Pequod’s chef, especially if they happen to be extra fluffy. 

Of course, you can always base their names on characters’ looks as well. If they happen to look tattooed, Queequeg would be a good fit. For those shaped like an 8x8, Kingpost would be good. For dogs with only three legs, Ahab would be a unique but suitable choice.

There are plenty of ways to go and if you need a refresher, get a story or character recap that will detail their traits more prominently. If you’re feeling especially bold, re-read the book and see what jumps off the page at you. 

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