Craft Beer Inspired Dog Names

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For many years, wine and liquor enthusiasts held their noses up to the “lowly” beer-swilling types who were content to imbibe anything with carbonation and the slightest bit of taste, but since the craft brewery revolution has turned from scattered appreciators to an industry that has come into its own in great capacity, that kind of chatter has died like Zima and Skyy Blue. With it, many more countries all over the world have come to know what only Germans, Belgians, and other early American settlers did: how incredibly varied and tasty beer can truly be. And thanks to breweries, beer styles, jargon and all, there are plenty of ways to turn these wholly beer-centric titles into the perfect dog names.

Craft Beer Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Craft Beer Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Because the types of notable beer-specific names that exist, there are several ways to go about choosing the right one for your dog. One line of thinking is that you could choose a beer style based purely on your dog’s overall characteristics, from their looks to their personality. For instance, if you have a dog that is dark and smooth, you could consider Dunkel (not unlike the actual Dunkel breed). If they’re light and easy-going, then maybe Hefe or Lager would be more appropriate. 

Of course, you can always try to get clever as well. If your dog loves to swim, then Dogfish would be a great pick. If they love to just lie around all day, then Stone would be suitable. If they’re dark and short, Stout would be a great choice the same way Hairof would be apt for a dog that always comes back for more. 

There are plenty of beers and breweries you can build off of that aren’t on our list, but we figured these names and words would be a good starting point, especially since they capture a significant breadth of the brewing world. If nothing else, buy a favorite, try something new or go taste a flight at your local brewery and see if anything jumps out at you. Just make sure you’re responsible so you’re not the one jumping (or falling) out of your stool.

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