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If you are an animal lover and you consider your dog to be your best friend, then you will appreciate Slovakia. In September of 2015, the Slovakian government ruled that all animals have the status of a living creature. They are not just a 'thing' or 'property'. The law helps ensure that dogs and other animals receive the care that they deserve. It also gives law enforcement the right to fight abuse. If you are moved by the act of the Slovakian government then why not name your canine companion a Slovak name to show your appreciation?

Slovak Dog Names in Pop Culture

Slovak Dog Name Considerations

Slovakia is a relatively small country in Central Europe that is overshadowed by its glitzy neighbors. However, most dog lovers are familiar with the country. The region is filled with breathtaking scenery, historic towns, and ruined castles. However, best of all, it is a place that appreciates dogs. 

Approximately 50 percent of all the establishments, such as restaurants, welcome well-behaved dogs with their owners. Shopping malls also allow pets. Also, getting around the country is relatively simple because both large and small dogs are allowed on public transport. Small pets in a carrier are free, but larger animals require a half-price fare. 

Dog-friendly accommodations also abound. Most pet owners report that they have never experienced a problem getting a room with their furry buddy in Slovakia. Such a dog-friendly place will undoubtedly inspire you to start researching Slovak names for your pooch. 

Ales is a great name for a big dog because it translates into 'defender.' Branislav is another handle that means 'one who defends and protects glory.' Adela, for a female dog, translates into 'noble and serene.'  Dalena is a female name that has risen in popularity. It translates into 'to fight from afar.' Without a doubt, after perusing our list, you will find the perfect Slovak name for your furry buddy with which to honor Slovakia.

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