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Picking a name for pets can be a challenging task, and inspiration is often sought from outside sources to find exactly the right name. When choosing a name for our dogs we often look towards the things that, like our canine companions, have given us comfort, and one of the things that many people derive a great deal of comfort from is food. Herbs lend a great deal of impact to our food imparting both smells and flavors that can either take us to new lands or deliver us back home to our childhood dinner table, as well as helping to heal our bodies.

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Dog Names Inspired by Herbs Considerations

There are many things to take into consideration when in the process of choosing a name for your new family member, after all, it’s a name you are likely to be saying and hearing several times a day, hopefully for quite some time. Your dogs new name should be one that is easy for you and other household members to pronounce as well as being one that your dog responds to fairly easily to. Names based on herbs can be quite adaptable and can suit many different dogs. While most of the herbs on the list are green, some are connected with colors more commonly associated with canines, so Sage might work for a dog with a grayish coat, Pimento for a red colored dog, or Vanilla for a white one, and many of these herbs are often ascribed a particular character and are even sometimes used to describe personality traits, such as salty for a person who is irritable and unpleasant, or peppery to describe someone with a hot temper, while a cooler headed or calmer individual might end up with a name more like Peppermint or Linden. Your personal preferences and interests may also have an effect on which name is chosen, those that grew up with Italian foods may find names like Basil and Rosemary to be comforting, while Filé powder or Cayenne may be more popular for those who prefer the cooking of the southern part of the United States. 

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Sage's name story for Dog Names Inspired by Herbs
German Shepherd
Vine Grove, KY

We got her and had no name idea so we looked in the cupboard and found on. Sage

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