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When it comes to shows about law, few, if any, are as slick, witty, and perfectly dramatic as the television series Suits, and if you need any further indicator, the show is about to enter its 8th season in 2018, even without two of its main stars, one of which is now British royalty. But possibly even more impressive, is that the show made those who perform one of the most nefarious real life jobs actually likable, which is a feat in itself. On top of the great writing and a top notch soundtrack, the series is littered with fantastic characters that, for our benefit, also provide a hefty list of names from which to derive a perfect themed dog name.

Suits Dog Names in Pop Culture

Suits Dog Name Considerations

Unless your dog happens to have an exceptionally distinct appearance, chances are you won’t be able to use their looks to match them up with a similar-looking character from the show, that is, unless they were born in a suit-looking coat like a Boston Terrier, in which case this naming guide is all the more perfect. For our purposes, the best approach is likely going to be making a list of your dog’s most defining characteristics in terms of quirks and personality, as that should be the easiest route to finding a good fit. 

For instance, if your dog is brash and independent, then Harvey or Specter would both be great names. If they are smart and authoritative, then Pearson would be a solid choice the same way Zane would be a good pick for a tenacious dog. If they have a snide or snarky attitude, or tend to rat on or imply blame on other dogs in the house, then both Louis and Litt would be excellent fits. 

For inspiration, sit down and watch a few episodes and see if anything pops out that reminds you of your dog in terms of overall personality, anecdotes, actions, looks, or anything else of the like. Chances are if you’re a dedicated fan, it won’t take long before an idea strikes quicker than your average corporate lawsuit.

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