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The Bichon Havanais was first recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1996, as the Havanese breed.  They are a very cute and versatile breed of dog that originates from Cuba.  This canine is small and quirky, as well as easy to train.  They are a very friendly and fun-loving canine.  Your new addition will love to be spoiled; they like to play games and are thrilled to have plenty of toys. There’s no doubt that this breed will make a fantastic companion and family pet, but what will you name your new addition?  You need to think of a superb name to match the perfect pooch, so if you need inspiration, read on! 

Bichon Havanais Dog Names In Pop Culture

Bichon Havanais Name Considerations

When naming your new Bichon Havanais there are several considerations that you can keep in mind. First, think about the appearance of the breed.  The Bichon Havanais is available in many different colors, and they are small with a long, wavy coat.  A name like Diamond, Cutie Pie, Blizzard, Patch, Shorty, Minnie and Biscuit could all be an option based on size and color.  If you think about coat type and length, you might consider a name like Rags or Frizzy. Velvet and Satin are good names for a dog with a soft coat. Your pooch might suit a name with a title, like Princess, Duchess, Duke, King, or Empress.   Temperament is another thing that can be considered. Sweetie, Honey, Buddy or Pumpkin are certainly possibilities.  If your pooch is a little tinker, then a name like Rascal could also be an appropriate choice. 

To find that special name for your Bichon Havanais, read the lists provided below.  Write down a few names that you like and then you can refer back to your list when you’re finished.  If you still don’t have a concrete choice, then why not mix it up? Put two names together, or add a title, like Prince Bonbon or Princess Rosy for example.  If you still can’t decide, why not ask your family and friends to vote on their favorite from your list?

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