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The Crown quickly became a popular show on Netflix due to its very accurate portrayal of the royal family of Great Britain. The series follows Queen Elizabeth II as she reigns over the country for decades. As the show delves into both her personal and royal life, viewers get to see some interesting character development. If you are a fan of the show, or just the royal family in general, you may want to give your dog a royal name. With so many great options from the show, and real life, you are bound to come up with a name from The Crown that is perfect for your pooch.

The Crown Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

The Crown Inspired Dog Name Considerations

When it comes to naming your pup, you want a name that you will love forever. What better way to do that than name your dog after a character from a television show that you enjoy. Since The Crown is based on real people (royals at that!), you can give your dog a name fit for a queen or king without batting an eye. It is also fun that the names in the series progress with time, so you could give your pooch a name that was popular in the royal family in the 1940s until now, even though the later years have yet to be covered in the series.

Whether you are a fan of the royal family or not, you can find some beautiful names throughout the series of The Crown. If you want an elegant name for your pooch, you are going to have many options from the show. Consider the look and personality of your dog when choosing a name inspired by The Crown.

If you are looking for a modern, unique name, you aren't likely to find one in this series, as the royals have very specific names to choose from. However, if you love old fashioned names, you are going to have a tough time making a decision from our list.

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