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The introduction of a lovable new furry family member results in additional responsibilities for you and the entire family.  That new cuddly canine needs not only the love expressed with petting and hugging, but they also need the tough love that is involved in the process of teaching them the rules of the house, sleeping arrangements and the various training sessions, many of which are in the immediate future.  They also need the love expressed through the perfect prenomen chosen by their new pet parents!

Dog Names Meaning Earth in Pop Culture

Dog Name Meaning Earth Considerations

For many pet owners, the task of naming their pet is no big deal, picking something that refers to the breed, gender or coat color of their canine. But if you are more inclined to choosing monikers which shape the “who” of your newest family member, that method will not work for you.  Names are essential, whether they’re for places, things, people or animals, and we feel that you might wish to give some deeper thought to the label by which you will refer to that precious pup, who's sleeping in your lap, for the rest of their lives.  We, at Wag! are suggesting using the theme of dog names meaning earth.  Some synonyms for the word “earth” are: dust, dirt, sphere, cosmos, ground, soil, planets, space, solar systems, creation, or globe, to list a few. In this vein, you could consider Pheonix, for the robotic spacecraft used for Mars exploration, or, Merc could use as a nickname for Mercury (one of the planets in our solar system), or Solange, a French word meaning earth angel.  You’ll find these among those listed here for your exploration of the dog names meaning earth. Choose a name or two and try them out!

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