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The Victorian Era, or the time period during which Queen Victoria ruled Great Britain, took place between 1837 until the queen's passing in 1901. Victoria's reign was filled with peace, a bustling economy, British nationalism, and a demeanor of certain "refined sensibilities." Britain saw much industrial reform during this time, and the economy boomed due to relatively low taxes and minimal regulation regarding the workplace. High morals were likely one of the most notable characteristics of the time period, and Queen Victoria is credited with influencing the public in manner of dress and modesty. The Queen is also known for her penchant with animals. She is credited for developing several dog breeds during her six decades on the throne.

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Victorian Era Dog Name Considerations

Queen Victoria was quite the lover of animals of any kind, and she is credited with refining several breeds of dogs. Among her many pets, the queen owned Shetland ponies (both gifts from other royal dignitaries from around the world), goats, donkeys, a parrot, and a Sardinian pony named Picco. Queen Victoria also owned a Greyhound, several Skye Terriers, multiple Collie dogs, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Dash, and a Deerhound. This royal was known for her work in breeding Pomeranians. In fact, Queen Victoria began breeding her Poms from a Spitz named Marco. Those who love history may choose Marco as a name for their noble dog.

The Queen found her beloved Marco in 1888 while visiting Italy. It was here that she first saw the Volpino Italiano, a small dog akin to the Spitz breed. Marco was a reddish auburn color, and he was rather small. The queen fell immediately in love with the little dog she would name Marco. According to eye witnesses, she claimed that Marco and his siblings reminded her of her grandmother's dogs, only smaller. Upon returning home, Queen Victoria brought with her Marco, a white female named Gina, and two other Volpino Italianos. The Volpino Italiano and the Pomeranian are one and the same; this is not a separate breed that the queen bred with other dogs to create the Pom breed. Today, the breed is more commonly known as the Pomeranian. The breed is named for the Pomerania region of central Europe. If you are a fan of the Victorian era or all things royal, bestow a name upon your pup that favors this historical age.

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