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Vampires are an iconic monster that have grown in popularity since the 1990's.  They are used to represent lots of different social situations including our ever-changing culture.  If you love vampires, then why not name your pooch with inspiration from your favorite vampire character or movie?  Bram Stoker’s Dracula was published at the end of the 19th century, but 100 years later, we are still drawn to this bloodsucking novel and character.  If you find yourself drawn to vampires, why not seek inspiration here by reading this guide and choose a hypnotic and vampiric name for your four-legged friend – we won’t bite!

Vampire Dog Names in Pop Culture

Vampire Dog Name Considerations

There are some considerations to think about when choosing a vampire inspired name for your dog and these considerations can help you to narrow down your dog name search.

You might go with color inspiration, for example there are many colors that could represent blood, like Ruby, Scarlett, and Garnet.  If you have a white pooch, you might choose names like Spike or Rosalie, or Seline for the darker colored pooch.  You may choose based on your favorite vampire - so are you inspired by the good vampire like Angel, or the evil Angelus?  Sure it’s the same person in body, but Angel is so very different to his soulless double, Angelus. 

You might also choose based on temperament or size, for example, Emmet from Twilight is large and athletic, whereas Edward is shy, and Alice is kind.  Jasper and Rosalie can both have feisty tempers.

Remember, take your time.  Write down a few that you like, and get family and friends to look at the list and do the same.  You can then compare any common names you have chosen.  Which names you like and which you don’t!  Narrow it down – you are choosing a forever name after all!

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Community Dogs with Vampire Names

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