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The Brittany dog is a breed that hails from the province of the same name in France. Originally developed to be used as gundogs, the Brittany makes for a keen spotter and companion when hunting. Unlike other pointing breeds, however, it works more closely with hunters. Nowadays, the breed is more commonly kept as family pets. Brittany dogs are extremely energetic and like to keep moving, making them a great fit for owners who maintain an active lifestyle. Owning a Brittany means frequent stimulation and obedience training. When properly trained and kept active, the Brittany can easily be a great addition to the right home.

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Brittany Dog Name Considerations

Whether it is your first or fifth time, bringing a new pooch to the family is always an exciting thing to look forward to. One of the fun things that comes with having a new dog is the picking of their name. There are some general considerations to make when naming your dog, one of which is the length of the dog’s name. Typically, dogs only remember the first two syllables of any word, which means too long of a name is not advisable. If you have a certain long name in mind and you insist on giving it to your dog, make sure that you can come up with a “nickname” or shortened version for it.

The Brittany’s country of origin is a good starting point for choosing a name. Since the breed was initially developed in France, a French name or anything related to the French culture can be a fitting name for the dog. Also, the Brittany dog breed has numerous charming and distinctive qualities, all of which can be used as inspiration for a name. Physically, Brittany dogs are medium-sized and long-legged. Their patterned coat comes in a combination of white and bright liver (reddish-brown shade) and orange. When it comes to their personality and behavior, the breed is known for being extremely active and agile. Due to their background in hunting, they have a keen sense for spotting birds and other animals. This long list of special attributes can help you brainstorm for a quality and meaningful name for your new Brittany. 

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Paxton's name story for Brittany Dog Names
French Brittany
Kirksville, MO

His name means peace!

Blaze's name story for Brittany Dog Names
Brittany (Spaniel)
Oklahoma City, OK

We found it on a page of a fire

Scout's name story for Brittany Dog Names
Brittany (Spaniel)
Montclair, NJ

because his father's name was Ranger so Ranger's little Scout!

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