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When you decide to get a new dog, it is important that you think of some things first. For example, what breed of dog are you going to get? This can depend on what your expectations are. Do you want a canine kid that will enjoy playing with your other fur buddies and human kids as well? Then make sure you get a pooch that is furiendly like a Golden Retriever, Bulldog, or a Boxer. If you want a pupster that will help you hunt, try an Irish Setter, Beagle, Terrier, or Pointer. Whichever breed you choose, once you get them, then you have to give them a name.

Dog Names that Start with 'Ru' in Pop Culture

Dog Name that Starts with 'Ru' Considerations

Okay, so you have a new fur baby, and now you need to think up the perfect moniker for them. You can do this in many dif-fur-ent ways, but one of the most effective ways is to wait until you get to know your new canine kid better. You should take some time and find out more about their fursonality and habits to give them a name that fits them fur real. For instance, is your dog always doing things that puzzle you? Then Rubik’s Cube would be a wonderful name for them. And if your doggo is a runner, how about naming them Runner or Rush? And Ruff would be perfect for that dog who barks a lot. 

You can also give your dog a name according to their breed or appearance like Rutherford, which is Scottish and British for herder for a herding dog or Russia for a Black Russian Terrier, Samoyed, or any other Russian breed. If you have a red dog, you could name them Rusty, Rufus, Rudy, Rutabaga, or Ruby. For a small pup, Runt or Rue would be perfect and for a brown pooch, how about Russet, like the potato? We have found some pawesome names and listed them here to help get you started on your name quest.

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