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You are to become a proud owner of an adorable pooch, but you’re completely out of your depth when it comes to naming your new furry friend. Here’s an idea – how about giving it a name that traces its origins to Croatia, a beautiful, coastal country in the Mediterranean region. Why, you ask? Because, as the popular opinion goes, Croatian language, culture, beaches and women are among the most beautiful and exotic in the world. If this heritage isn’t something you want to bestow on your dog, then we rest our case.

Croatian Dog Names in Pop Culture

Croatian Dog Name Considerations

When you think of Croatia, think of sand, beaches, uninhabited tropical islands and loads of fun. So, naturally, your dog could be given a name that incorporates all that – More, which means the Sea in Croatian. As your new companion is surely a lively, active dog with a restless spirit, perhaps a Jack Russell Terrier or, a Croatian favorite, German Shepherd, it deserves a beautiful Croatian name.

Also, if you happen to have a Golden Retriever, a yellow Lab, or a sable Poodle, once again you might want to consider naming him Sand or Summer, or, in Croatian, Leto or Pesak. What’s sandier and more exotic that that? And if you wish to be loved in Croatia, then you should name your pooch Croatia or Split, a city in Croatia. It’s that simple! Also, if you love all things related to nature, like rivers, mountains and islands, just look at the map, because there are numerous resonant, attractive names suitable for your dog like Tara, Una, Adria… There’s no better source for a tropical, exotic name, especially if your dog is lively, friendly, charming and exciting like the mesmerizing country of Croatia.

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