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Some consider bravery to be the quality of fearlessness, while others will tell you that it is continuing on in your quest despite feelings of fear. Although bravery can become detrimental when used without thought, it is also the spark that allows us to reach outstanding goals, to face even the toughest of days and the mightiest of disasters, and every once in a while, to become heroes. It is a trait that many people aspire to and that they desire for their pets as well, and some pet owners may choose to give their canine companions a boost in that department by picking a name that means brave. 

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Dog Names Meaning Brave Considerations

Picking a name for our new pets is an exciting and essential part of having a new canine companion and choosing one that your dog naturally responds to and that is simple for you and your family to pronounce often has a positive effect on bonding and training. Many people choose names for their dogs that are defined by traits that they desire, either for themselves or for the canines they are naming, and bravery is an often desired trait. Narrowing down your list to exactly the right name can be challenging, but there are many ways to do that. 

You may choose a name that describes not only the dog's bravery but their appearance or circumstances, such as the name Bernard for a large, bear-like dog, Aquamarine for a dog that relieves your anxiety or has blue eyes, or even Diyon for a dog that was born under difficult conditions. Your heritage or the dog’s breed or heritage may also guide your choice and you may choose a name from certain regions, and there are many options with names like Conrad out of Germany, Diata from Africa, and Kitchi from the Algonquin tribe of Native America. Choosing a name that means something to you help to improve not only your bond but in some cases, your overall outlook. Choosing a name from this list may even help to remind you to live your life in a brave and courageous way, even when bravery isn’t easy. 

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