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Japanese dogs have gradually gained popularity over the years, especially in Western countries. Among these breeds, perhaps one of the favorites is the Akita, a big, strong breed known for its loyalty to its owner. In Japan, the Akita is considered a “national treasure”. This native breed is also believed to be a symbol of good luck, success and good health. In 1937, Hellen Keller first brought the Akita to United States soil. At present, they are being bred all over the country. The Akita is known for not backing down easily. However, with proper training and socialization, it can be an extremely loving and amusing pet to have.

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Akita Dog Name Considerations

Naming your Akita is a crucial step to making it a member of your family. Generally, dogs pay most attention to the first syllable of a word. Therefore, it makes sense to choose a name that is no longer than two syllables. This makes it easier for the dog to remember their given name. For Akita dogs, regardless if they are Japanese or American bred, it is best to pick a traditional Japanese term or phrase as a name, since both styles of breed originated from Japan.

Your Akita might have certain features that can usually give you an idea of what to name it. Naturally, you would want a name that matches your dog well. Some considerations for choosing a name include appearance, color, size and personality, among others. For instance, if you have a dark-colored Akita, the name “Kuroi”, which translates to “black”, is a fitting name. For a white or light-colored Akita, the name “Yuki”, which is Japanese for “snow”, would be more appropriate. If your Akita is strong-willed and brave, you may choose to name it “Ryu”, which means “dragon” in Japanese. These are just some examples of various terms and phrases in Japan that can be used as a name for an Akita.

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