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Do you call the Creole State home or are you just fascinated with everything about Louisiana? Either way, you can pick a cute moniker for your furry pooch that showcases your love of the state. Nowadays, the term 'Creole' has come to denote a person of mixed French ancestry so if your dog is classified as a mixed breed, you may want to pick a French-based handle or a name that focuses on the Big Easy for your four-legged buddy. We've compiled a list of the top names based on this fantastic area. Take a look and you are sure to find what you are looking for!

Creole Dog Names in Pop Culture

Creole Dog Name Considerations

Louisiana Creoles are individuals who reside in Louisiana and are descended from the original French colonists. Sometimes Creoles and Cajuns become confused. However, Creoles tend to be people born in Louisiana who are descended from a long line of European settlers who were predominately French. Things can get mixed up though because the term is also used to refer to people who are descended from African-American slaves and Native Americans who also reside within the state. 

Original Creoles speak a unique dialect of French that is now considered an endangered language because fewer than 10,000 individuals can still speak it fluently. A great way to help a fading language live on is to pick a name for your dog that honors this unique dialect. 

Creole names are also not necessarily French. One of the most popular female Creole names for a couple of centuries has been Adelaide which has German roots and means 'nobility'. Baptiste is popular for males and means to 'baptize' in French or 'to dip' in Greek. Amede is a female French-inspired name that remains popular among Creoles. It simply means 'lover of God'. Edwige is another top female Creole name that translates into 'combat' or 'battle'. Sebastien is a common name with a strong Creole origin that means 'venerable'. Many breeds will be able to carry these distinctive names well.

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Community Dogs With Creole Dog Names

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