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There are several ways that new pet parents can come up with suitable names for their canine companions. Some people prefer to name their dogs after previous pets or family members that they wish to honor, while others like to choose names from favorite movies, books, or television shows, or even names with religious or spiritual connotation. Other people prefer to utilize names that have a particular meaning, either one that fits the dog or one that means something sentimental to the owner themselves. There are many options to choose from, such as the ones on this list, if you are inspired by the fairy folk. 

Fairy Dog Names in Pop Culture

Dog Name Meaning Fairy Considerations

There are several ways to narrow down a list of names like this one that is based on a specific definition. One way to pinpoint the perfect name for your pup is to look to their personality and preferences, for instance, a dog who loves the water, such as most retrievers and water spaniels, may prefer names that refer to fairies that reside in and around the water, like Alven, Will, or Kelpie, while a dog who loves to dig will be better suited to a name related to an earth-based fairy, like the Ballybog. Another way to choose a name could center more on what the namer is interested in is a method that may lead a Shakespeare enthusiast to choose a name like Puck, Titania, Oberon, or Ariel, while someone who prefers lighter fare like Peter Pan or the Wizard of Oz books might prefer fairy related names from those books, such as Tinker Bell or Ozma. You can also choose names based on the canine's breed or place of origin, picking a name like Chepi or Jogha for a dog like the Carolina dog, while a dog from Mexico or South American may be dubbed something more along the lines of Chaneka or Alux. 

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Community Dogs with Fairy Names

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