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The Alchemist is a novel written by a famous Brazilian author Paulo Coelho that became very popular from the moment it was published, back in 1988. The book was written in Portuguese, Coelho’s native language, but it was translated into over 70 languages all over the world. The Alchemist is an allegorical novel, and it follows the adventures of a young shepherd boy from Andalusia called Santiago, to his journey to the pyramids of Egypt. Santiago’s adventures inspired many people all over the globe to chase their dreams, just like he has, so it is completely understandable that you decided to take this amazing book as an inspiration for the name of your new pup.

The Alchemist Book Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

The Alchemist Book Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Being inspired by one of the most popular books in the world is fantastic since you have a significant advantage from the start. The Alchemist has been translated to over 70 languages, so if you cannot find the name of the character you want to use as the name for your dog, you can take their occupation, description, or something else, and look for a proper translation done by professionals all over the world. A great example of this is the name Crystal, after the Crystal Merchant, one of the essential characters in the novel. If the name Crystal is too simple for you, you can spice it up by translating it to one of the many languages, for example, Samoan, and get the name Tioata – unique, fun, and most of all, beautiful.

Another amazing option is the name Cristallo, the Italian word for crystal, or maybe Kika, since ke kika means gypsy in Hawaiian. Of course, you can also take characters’ names as inspiration, so you can name your dog Santiago or Fatima, or maybe even Al-Fayoum, after the lovely oasis from the novel.

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