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There are no shortages of name themes when it comes to giving your dog their name.  In fact, pet owners have far greater choices than parents because they can comfortably head into themes that are both descriptive and non-conventional, like Freckles, Frisky, or Frosty.  Many times, a pet parent will choose a name that fits with their own or possibly with other pets.  This might be planned, like naming your cat Frick and your dog Frack, or an afterthought.  Whatever your inspiration, there are many options for dogs with names that start with "Fr," most of which mean free one.

Dog Names that Start with 'Fr' in Pop Culture

Dog Name that Starts with 'Fr' Considerations

When it comes to giving your dog their name you have to remember this name will be with them for life.  There is some science behind what names dogs are more likely to respond to and what names to avoid.  Luckily, most names that start with "Fr" do not usually sound like commands and are short sounding as well.  Dog owners do not have any considerations to make when choosing a name under this theme but a good number of the "Fr" names are descriptive.  Names such as Frill, Freckles, Frisky, and Frumpy can easily match your dog's appearances.  Otherwise, many of the names that begin with "Fr" mean freedom or free one.  You can quickly gauge your dog's personality and decide whether a free-wheeling, happy-go-lucky name is appropriate for your pooch.  

It is perfectly fine to take your time finding the perfect name for your newly adopted dog.  You can even test out some names as feelers.  If you find you are already shortening your dog's "Fr" name, like from Frangelica to just Franny, perhaps you should consider going with just Franny.  The key is consistency, so you don't confuse your dog.  

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