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Are you a world traveler? Do cities excite you? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you should definitely consider naming your dog a city inspired name. Choosing to name your pup after a city will remind you of your love of traveling every time you call your pooch. "Come here Sydney! Fetch the ball Hudson! Let's go Brooklyn!" With every command your mind will be transported to a city that you love. With so many amazing city inspired names to choose from, you are sure to find a great name for your pup when sticking with this theme. Accentuate your love for cities by permanently embedding one in your life via your new pup! 

Most Popular City Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Most Popular City Inspired Dog Name Considerations

When considering naming your dog a city inspired name, there are a few things you could consider. The first thought may be where your dog originated from. If you have a dog who came from Georgia, why not name the pooch after one of the state's major cities, Savannah? If you dog was from New York City, a name like Brooklyn or Bronx would be perfect. Your dog's hometown could very well be a perfect name.

Another thing to think about when choosing a city inspired name is where your dog's breed originated. If you have a French Bulldog, pick a name like Paris to remind you of your pup's roots. An Italian Greyhound could easily be called Milan. An English Springer Spaniel named London? Sounds great!

You should also definitely consider your personal connection to cities around the world when debating what to name your pup. If you have had a great experience in Rome, choose that as your dog's name in order to remind you of your time in the city. On the other hand, if there is a city which you have always longed to visit, opt for that name for your pet as an easy way to visit the city everyday! A city inspired name is clearly a great choice for a new dog for many reasons. 

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Vancouver's name story for Most Popular City Inspired Dog Names
Vancouver, WA

Beautiful city in Canada

Juneau's name story for Most Popular City Inspired Dog Names
Siberian Husky
Kansas City, KS

We love Alaska and Juneau is a small town in Alaska

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