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Pet owners often struggle to maintain a clean house. With fur, chew toys, and a bevy of other canine-related problems a tidy abode is often elusive. Nonetheless, even if your dog turns your home into a regular pigpen, the chances are good that they are physically very clean. Many breeds have the natural fur appearance of being snow white and others have the distinction of boasting hypoallergic characteristics which is ideal for allergy sufferers. If you own what you consider a clean pooch, why not give your buddy a fresh name that denotes their pristine appearance or behavior?  Even if your pooch isn't exactly the personification of 'Mr. Clean' you can still think up a funny moniker to bestow on them.

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Dog Name Meaning Clean Considerations

Canines often get a bad rap when it comes to being clean because they do chew things up, some breeds shed so much hair they look like they exploded in the room, and others have potty breaking difficulties. Many dog owners worry about the cleanliness of a canine's mouth. All dog owners end up receiving a slobbery kiss from their canine companion and many people, especially parents, worry about just how clean their pooch's mouth is. They wonder how much bacteria is in the dog's abundant saliva and if it could pose a health hazard. 

An old wives' tale that often circulates is to have a dog lick your wound because the canine's mouth contains antibacterial components. This is not the case. Wounds heal better when a dog licks the wound because of the rough surface on the pooch's tongue which pulls away contaminants from the wound's site. In reality, your dog's mouth is thriving with bacteria and is the reason why most canines have problem doggy breath odor. However, most of the bacteria found in your dog's mouth cannot transfer to humans. It is dog-specific bacteria, so you and your family are safe. Choose a tag like Chinmoy for the pup who loves to clean and lick.

Keeping your dog clean with regular grooming, tooth brushing, and toenail trims all cut down on the mess made by canines. You should also regularly worm your dog even if your pooch never leaves your fenced in yard. It is still an essential aspect of pet ownership that should not be overlooked. Honestly, when you own a dog, you may never enjoy an immaculate home but the love you receive from your four-legged buddy more than makes up for the occasional doggy mess. Naming your pooch a handle that denotes cleanliness might be wishful thinking but is still a fun idea for a unique moniker. For example, Carys means clean love and will suit the affectionate dog well.

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