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In the world of folklore, few characters hold as much acclaim as that of Robin Hood. If you need any further proof, consider that he and the legends that surround him first emerged during the 14th century and have been extended, altered and re-written literally hundreds of times throughout history. And while the spellings and stories may have changed to suit their writers and audiences, one thing has remained steadfast: that Robin Hood was one of the first and best kinds of ethical outlaws. With his legends came other characters complete with names that not only echo through time, but make for perfect dog-naming options.

Robin Hood Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Robin Hood Inspired Dog Name Considerations

When trying to come up with the perfect Robin Hood inspired name, it’s best to first compile a list of your dog’s most defining traits from their looks to their habits, quirks and overall personality. The second step will be defining which era or version of Robin Hood you liked the best, from the historic folklore of the Middle Ages to the ultra-modern iterations released just this year, as this will determine your name options. We stuck to the original but don’t be afraid to make a list of your own as well. 

Depending on which Robin Hood line of stories you go with, you’ll have plenty of options to explore. For instance, if you like the Disney version best, you can draw comparisons to each character’s animal traits (like Robin the fox’s cunning or Alan-a-Dale’s musical ability). If you like the comedic version, like Robin Hood: Men in Tights, you can always play off new characters like Ahchoo and Asneeze (especially if they happen to do either a lot). 

There are a ton of different versions and ideas to base your names on so pick your favorite, do some research, re-examine the material and see what jumps off the page or screen.

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