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If you’re looking into giving your dog a Family Guy inspired name, you are likely either a die hard fan of the show or an appreciator of offbeat comedy. In either case, the show, now in its 16th season, provides more than enough unique characters to choose from, each with their own exceptionally quirky personalities and looks that can help you match your dog up with something appropriate. The best part is, for anyone else who is a tenured fan that hears you call your dog in any public fashion will immediately be able to spot you as another devotee of Seth MacFarlane’s best known work. After all, there aren’t many Quagmires in the world - and neither should there be. 

Family Guy Dog Names in Pop Culture

Family Guy Dog Name Considerations

Movies - and television shows especially - provide ample fodder for coming up with a creative, fun, and suitable name for your dog. Considering that Family Guy is now over 300 episodes deep with nearly the same number of characters, if not more, the possibilities are vast to say the least, leaving potential dog-namers the option to go with either the big scope of a tenured character or someone who stood out from a single episode.

Of course, none of that is even counting the fact that you can play off of your dog’s breed type, personality or looks to match them to the name of an appropriate character and name. If you want to play off of their breed type, a good example would be naming your Irish Wolfhound Francis after Francis Griffin, who has a strong Irish heritage, and you can play on multiple levels if they are also grey and ornery (also like Francis). 

As far as their personality, a good example would be naming your dog Stewie if they are a small, highly-intelligent troublemaker, or Quagmire if they tend to get a little too affectionate. Looks can work in a similar way, as most characters have strong characteristics to play off of as well. If you have an orange-colored Tibetan Mastiff or Chow, Mickey would be a great name, especially if your dog has a considerable beard. 

Whatever you choose, don’t be afraid to do some research and watch a few episodes. There are literally enough characters and anecdotes from the show to name a few hundred dogs, so start with your favorite episodes and go from there. 

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