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Having trouble naming your new puppy? Join the club! This is a step every pet owner has to go through, and some take it very seriously, going as far as taking their time to find the perfect name. And it's a good idea too: rushing into any major decisions can lead to a poor name selection, or one that simply doesn't reflect the dog's identity at all. All you need to get started is an idea, a simple one, like the first letter of the name. Here are some names that begin with the letter H to get you started. The ideal name for your new addition is just moments away.

Dog Names That Start With H in Pop Culture

Dog Name that Starts with H Considerations

When you're selecting a dog's name, it's helpful to think of him as another person. After all, your dog has feelings, wants, needs, dislikes, much like any other living being on the planet. As such, your dog deserves some respect. Much like you wouldn't pick the first name that came to mind for a human child, you shouldn't do it to your new puppy either. 

Sometimes, it's nice to look at the small details. Like maybe your new puppy is very lethargic all the time, and enjoys napping most of the day. Maybe he plays so hard he wears himself out! Taking this into consideration, you may choose to pull from pop culture and name him Sleepy, after one of Snow White's seven dwarfs. Or Homer, after Homer Simpson, assuming he eats himself tired, and absolutely loves doughnuts.  

Of course, the big picture helps too. Maybe you have a huge breed, and he will take over the whole household. He'd need a name that's larger than life! Names like Clifford, King Kong, and Behemoth come to mind. Names that really emphasize his inevitable, massive size. It's a nice warning for any new friends that might come over too. They know what to expect! 

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