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So you just got a dog who is a little on the chunky side….maybe they are really chunky…chunky enough for you to consider naming them something that meats 'fat'. Well, then you are in luck as there are tons of names that will be perfect for your pup and, in one way or another, mean fat. Don't worry though as all of these names are also very affectionate - we love our chunky pups!

This list will give you dog names from all over the globe; from China to Portugal, Scotland to Iceland, everyone loves a roly poly pup! There are names for dogs who are simply large and names for small dogs who may have a lot of rolls. When it comes to your pup, being fat is something that should be celebrated so pick a name that suits your pooch and honors their awesome size!

Dog Names Meaning Fat in Pop Culture

Dog Name Meaning Fat Considerations

If you are thinking about naming your dog something that means fat, you should, obviously, consider their size. If your dog is chunky, obese, puffy, round or just plain large, then a name that means fat is perfect! You should celebrate your dog's place in the fat community with a name that suits his bulk. If, instead you just got a dog who is tiny or skinny, maybe skip a name which means fat unless you are going for a contradictory name (could be a funny paradox).

Other than considering your dog's size when picking a name that means fat, any breed, gender or color dog will do. Names meaning fat are not restricted to just one type of dog! Boxers, Bulldogs, Labs and Pugs may all be the perfect fit for a name from this list. Yes, some breeds tend to be skinnier and therefore a fat name just may not do (sorry Greyhounds and Whippets, you might be excluded from this category unless you've been eating a lot of bones!). But black or white, yellow or brindle, your tubby dog needs a big name. So get out your thinking cap and pick a nice fatty name for your nice pudgy pup!

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