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There are many brown dogs out there that are all shapes and sizes. Some are tall, others small, while some are sleek and smooth and other dogs are big, fluffy and boisterous. Your new dog may even be brown which has you thinking, what on earth can I call my dog that is not overused? Well its your lucky day because we have just compiled a list of names that will suit the brown dog in your life. Using our list will make it easier for you to find one that is both unique to your dog, and one that is user friendly. After all, you don't want to have to take language classes so that you can pronounce your dog's name correctly! 

Do try out any name that appeals by saying it out loud with the commands you will use to train your dog and get a true feel for the name. Shorter names are often best for dogs as they are easy to understand, but try a longer name if it catches your eye, as it might well suit your dog. There is surprisingly a long list of names that describe your brown dog perfectly, some cute and catchy, others more refined and polished.  Whatever name you chose, make sure you can live with it for a long time as you and your dog have many happy years ahead of you.

Brown Dog Names in Pop Culture

Brown Dog Name Considerations

It is an exciting moment when you realise that you get to choose your dog's name. Thoughts will race through your head, and old favourite dog names will pop up out of nowhere. But before you make a quick decision, stop and think carefully about this. You and your dog will form an unbreakable bond, so your dog deserves a fitting name that will honor that bond. A few tips include keeping the name short and sweet. One or two syllable names are easy to say and easy for your dog to understand. A name that describes your dog's nature or even it's colour is very personal to them. Always try and use a dog name instead of a human one, as it can be confusing - especially if Fred comes to visit often, and your dog is also named Fred. 

Dogs respond to names that are short and clipped, in other words - clear and simple and unique to them. Often we forget that our dog doesn't have a degree in human language, and while they look as though they understand by wagging their tail, tilting their head, and opening their mouth to smile, it is just a gesture to please us, not a sign that they understand. So have a look at our list of names inspired by the color brown, maybe your the perfect name is there for your chocolate colored Labrador Retriever.

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Community Dogs With Brown Names

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