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There are many ways to choose a name for our new dog; some people may choose a name based on the names of past family members or even names inspired by childhood memories, while others may choose historical names or look to modern media. Many pet parents may choose their new canine companion’s name based on the meaning of the name itself, and names that mean Angel are often a popular choice. Whether you are looking at angelic names because your canine is already a little angel or because you are hoping they will become one, this list will offer inspiration.

Dog Names Meaning Angel in Pop Culture

Dog Name Meaning Angel Considerations

Choosing a name for your new canine companion is an enjoyable but important part of pet ownership. The name you choose will be one you hear several times a day, hopefully for many years, and it can influence your ability to bond with your pet as well as their ability to learn new skills. A name that your dog naturally responds to and that you are able to consistently pronounce will help to prevent misunderstandings on the part of your canine, while a confusing or hard to hear name can be an impediment to training. There are several options that you can use to narrow down this list and pinpoint exactly the right name for your specific dog; in the case of Angelic names, your religion and your beliefs are likely to play a part in choosing the correct name, so that a person of Christian faith may be more likely to choose names like Gabriel or Michael, where someone of the Islamic faith is more likely to choose names more meaningful to them, such as Munkar and Nakir. The interests of the namer may also play a role in the name that is finally chosen, with the dog of an art student being dubbed Pricilla or Michelangelo, but the canine that lives with a fan of flowers ending up with a floral name like Angelica.

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