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Is there anything cuter than a puppy with ears that can't decide whether they want to be floppy or upright? It's pretty hard to beat, and that's why we love these names that represent dogs that have upright ears! These breeds hold so much expression within their ears that they can almost communicate exactly what they are feeling through the ups and downs of their ears. If you are someone that owns a dog with upright ears (whether large or small) then you have come to the perfect place to find a moniker that will represent that trait to a T!

Upright Ear Dog Names in Pop Culture

Upright Ear Dog Name Considerations

Obviously, the most important factor that will come into play when choosing an upright ear dog name is the upright ears. Once those have been acquired, all that's left to do is find the perfect inspiration for an upright ear name! Perhaps you are a fan of a specific character that has large ears. A few examples of this would be "Stitch", "Bugs Bunny", "Totoro", and "Yoda" (although his ears do tend to go to the side more than up). Even non-traditional characters that don't always play a specific role in a film or movie, such as Pokemon monsters, can be candidates; so if you are someone who loves Pokemon, then some upright ear names that could fit into that passion would be "Eevee", "Wigglytuff", and "Alakazam". Not only are these fun, and sound as happy as upright ears look, they are also unique and interesting. If you don't want to name your dog after a character, but rather prefer something cultural, then there are plenty of options for that as well; for example the Russian name "Ushasti" meaning "big ears" and the Mandarin name "Ting" meaning "listen" (which is perfect for a dog whose name revolves around tall ears).
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Community Dogs With Upright Ear Names

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