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The Lancashire Heeler is a small but powerful cattle dog that also has terrier characteristics and makes an excellent ratter and rabbit hunter. One endearing trait of this small herding breed is that they can pull back their lips in what many say emulates the smile of a human, endearing them to the hearts of many throughout the years. Most Lancashire Heelers have boundless energy but will slow down a bit as they mature. However, do not think for a second they are mellow couch potatoes even when they are older.  This breed is alert and very intelligent making training a breeze when you are consistent and upbeat. The Lancashire Heeler can become a vocal dog when they are not given the attention they think they deserve. Consider these lovable traits as you search for the ideal name!

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Lancashire Heeler Dog Name Considerations

You may have to search for a while before you are able to find a Lancashire Heeler puppy to add to your family because they are very rare within the United States and Canada. There are only a handful of breeders and they are spread wide across both countries making it difficult for people to locate and bring home a puppy. You also have the option to import a Lancashire Heeler puppy in from the United Kingdom, however, that can be costly and also will be difficult to find a breeder since they are on The Kennel Club’s Endangered Breeds list. 

Should you be fortunate enough to find a Lancashire Heeler to bring home for your family, the search for the perfect name will probably be just as stressful as the search for the actual puppy! Paying homage to the Lancashire Heeler’s roots may be something to consider when thinking of potential names. There are a plethora of English names that would suit the tenacity of a small herding dog that has the complexity of a terrier such as Baldwin, which means a brave and bold friend, or Zoe which means full of life. Make sure everyone in the family is on board with the name you choose for your new Lancashire Heeler and enjoy the experience of owning this adorable little dog.

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