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A dog in sheep’s clothing, the Bedlington Terrier is a graceful but tough breed. Named after the mining town in England where they were first developed, Bedlington Terriers were originally meant for hunting vermin that were pestering the mines. Over time, the breed was used for other purposes such as dog shows and dog sports like racing. The lamb-like breed may look soft on the outside but they are known to be hardy on the inside. After being acquired by the prominent Rockefeller family, a surge in the Bedlington Terrier’s popularity was observed during the 1940s. At present, the English breed is more commonly used as a watchdog and home companion.

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Bedlington Terrier Dog Name Considerations

Getting a new dog is always something to look forward to. Whether it is your first dog or your fifth, nothing beats the excitement of seeing your new dog for the first time. Along with getting a new dog comes the task of choosing a new name for it. More often than not, dog owners want a name that is unique and is representative of their dog.

When it comes to naming a Bedlington Terrier, a good idea would be to use the numerous special traits the breed possesses. One of the things that sets Bedlington Terriers apart from any other dog breed is its unique look - they have a pear-shaped head with a distinctive topknot, lamb-like coat, scimitar-shaped tail and tasseled ears. Their curly coat also comes in a variety of colors, including sandy, liver or blue, which may or may not have tan points.

As for their temperament, Bedlington Terriers are known for being charming, fun and attention-seeking. Because of their history of hunting vermin, they are naturally agile, fast and possess impressive endurance. Furthermore, they are extremely loyal and protective of their loved ones. Owners of Bedlingtons can take into account one or more of these characteristics when choosing a name for the breed.

Another possible consideration is the breed’s origin. Their English heritage can be a source of inspiration for a name, either in the form of an English name or anything that is relevant to England and its culture.

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Albert einstein's name story for Bedlington Terrier Dog Names
Albert einstein
Bedlington Terrier
Camp Hill, PA

His name is Albert Einstein because of his white poffy hair and because he is really smart.

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