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The Biewer Terrier is a relatively new breed, derived from the Yorkshire Terrier. In 1984, the first Biewer was born from Yorkshire Terrier parents. This puppy was blue, white, and gold in color and became one of the foundation stock dogs for the Biewer Terrier. The American Kennel Club has recently begun registering parti-colored Yorkshire Terriers, however, the Biewer Terrier was already established and is considered to be a completely separate breed now. The Biewer Terrier is a rare breed and finding one may be a little difficult. However, once you have located your new puppy, the fun really begins. Finding the perfect name for your bundle of joy should not be stressful! Take your time and try out a few before your new puppy arrives home.

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Biewer Terrier Dog Name Considerations

The Biewer Terrier is a small dog with a big attitude. They love their family and are loyal, happy dogs. However, just like the Yorkshire Terrier, the Biewer Terrier can be a yappy little dog. When thinking about adding a Biewer Terrier to your family, you will need to research breeders that offer puppies. Since the Biewer Terrier is considered a rare breed, you may have to search for a puppy. After locating a puppy to add to your family, it will be time to find the right name for the little one. Since the Biewer Terrier originated in Germany, a cute German name such as Chuckie, Peppin, Fonzi, Pippi or Mattie might be perfect. Even though the Biewer Terrier is a small dog, they have a big heart so a name such as Lenny, which means brave like a lion or Emery which means brave and bold leader, may be good choices. Little girls can be just as big-hearted as little boys, therefore, naming your new Biewer Terrier Hattie, meaning lord of the manor, might be appropriate. Then there are name choices that refer to your dog’s appearance such as Rosine, meaning woman who is like a rose. No matter what name you pick for your Biewer Terrier, you can be assured that your new puppy with bring joy into your home.

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