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When it comes to naming your dog, few things are often as easy and suitable as giving them a name based on sounds they often make, whether they emit them or just create them with the environment around them. If you think that’s a little unusual, think again. Scientists have been giving animals common names by using the same technique for years. Bobolinks, Macaques and Chipmunks were all named after their sounds, as were a variety of birds. While you may not want to name your dog something as novel as Bark or Woof, there are certainly plenty of other options that will playfully suit their personality just as well, all without being so obvious.

Sounds Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Sounds Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Unlike other themed names where it’s most appropriate to consider all of your dog’s characteristics, giving them a sound inspired name all comes down to anecdotes, quirks and personality. Make some quick notes about the traits that stick out the most to you before taking a look at our list, as it should help provide shortcuts to which ones will be most suitable. Then consider which sounds best compliment their character or tendencies. 

For instance, if you have a dog that is regularly clumsy and runs into things a lot, names like Bonk, Plunk, Thud and Thump would all be appropriate. If they’re more of a high speed variety and tend to take things out at top speed, a name that implies a larger impact, such as Bang, Bash, Bam, Crash, Wham or Whallop, would likely be more suitable. 

Of course, you can play off the noises they actually emit themselves as well. Any dog that is prone to sudden outbursts (aren’t they all though?) would be aptly set with a name like Blurt or Guffaw while a dog that tends to more quietly grumble would be better suited with a name like Croak, Grunt, Gurgle, Mutter or Murmur. 

If you still need inspiration, spend a bit of extra time with them when you have some free time and make sure to minimize other noises in the house. You may be surprised what kind of noises they make when nothing else obscures them.

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